Zaher Jamal Eldeen founder of Mountain Boons

Mountain Boons: Nurturing Nature’s Bounty from Lebanon’s Chouf Mountains

In 2018, founder Zaher Jamal Eldeen decided to turn his passion for agriculture and the bounties of the Lebanese mountains into a business venture. Having grown up in a village nestled in the Chouf region, he was always in awe of the incredible flavors and aromas that emanated from the local farms and fields. The thyme that blanketed the mountainsides and the vibrant vegetables that thrived in the fertile soil – these were the tastes of his childhood.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep respect for the land, Zaher founded Mountain Boons with the goal of sharing these natural treasures with the world. He knew the Lebanese mountains had an outstanding international reputation for their high-quality agricultural products, and wanted to be an ambassador for this incredible terroir.

The first step was acquiring our own farmlands in the picturesque village of Al Barouk in the heart of Chouf. This spectacular terrain, with its crisp mountain air, abundant sunshine, and nutrient-rich soil, was the perfect canvas for cultivating our signature crops – the fragrant thyme that is a staple in Lebanese cuisine, and a rotating selection of seasonal vegetables.

We started small, with just a few acres and a dedicated team of local farmers who understood the land intimately. Using traditional, sustainable methods passed down through generations, we nurtured our crops with care and attention. As the business grew, so did our farmlands, allowing us to increase production while maintaining our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

Mountain Boons Zaatar

Today, Mountain Boons is more than just a brand – it’s a celebration of the rich agricultural heritage of Lebanon. Our thyme and vegetables have found their way onto the tables of discerning chefs and food lovers around Lebanon and thriving its way to reach the globe, earning us a reputation for excellence. But beyond that, we take pride in preserving and promoting the time-honored traditions of our mountain communities, ensuring that the flavors of our childhoods will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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